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    Introduction of PDO absorbable suture

    date:2018-07-16 16:11:06 category:Company news

    The PDO suture material is POLYDIOXANONE. It is a single strand absorbable suture, which has high and long-lasting tensile strength, is a synthetic material and can be hydrolyzed.Shanxian  haidike biotechnology Co., Ltd. produces PDO absorbable suture with uniform diameter, hermetically and softness, hermetically sealed packaging.

    The application of PDO absorbable suture

    PDO absorbable suture is suitable for general soft tissue closing, especially in general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, gynecologic surgery, urology and so on.

    The advantages of PDO absorbable suture

    The PDO suture has the advantages of extending the strength of the wound. The minimal tissue reaction makes the patient not suffering from the rejection, the predictable absorption, the good operation, the safety and reliability of the knot. Guarantee the packing seal of the product and the aseptic property of the product.


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