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    How to choose the surgical suture for periodontal treatment

    date:2018-06-25 14:23:09 category:Company news

    Like incisions, suture is the key technology to determine the success or failure of periodontal treatment. Good periodontal suture is essential in order to achieve the desired effect in periodontal surgery. The purpose of suture is to prevent the bone tissue exposure below the soft tissue, to eliminate the dead cavity, to stop bleeding, to reduce the discomfort of the patients, to keep the replacement of the gingival flap in the ideal position, and to get good results of tissue healing and gingival appearance. What kind of surgical suture should be chosen for perfect periodontal surgery? We mainly consider three aspects: needle type, line type and sewing mode.


    1. Types of surgical suture needles

    There are reverse cutting needles, cutting needles, round needles, etc., with 1/2 circle, 3/8 circle, and 1/4 circle. Their characteristics and uses are different. Choosing the right needle type is very important for the purpose of healing. The most commonly used in periodontal surgery is the 3/8 circle stitches.

    2. The performance of an ideal surgical suture

    (1) good maneuverability; (2) easy to knot and not easy to slip; (3) strict disinfection and closed packaging; (4) appropriate elasticity near the tissue; (5) inert material; (6) adequate tensile strength for tissue healing. (7) good biocompatibility and biodegradability. According to the properties of suture material, it can be divided into absorbable suture and non absorbable suture. According to the production method, it can be divided into: single wire thread, small tissue reaction and poor strength.

    3. Common suture method

    It includes periosteum suture, intermittent suture, 8 word suture, continuous suture, vertical / horizontal suture, single tooth suspension suture, unilateral suspension suture, continuous (independent) suspension suture, anchorage suture, intersecting and forking suture, edge suture , etc.

    Different surgical sutures have different characteristics and uses. Learn about the medical suture of runte ,You can call the hotline0530-4660062.




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