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    Qingyan Runkang Medical Equipment Industrial Park Project

    date:2018-06-28 11:02:22 category:Company news

    The Qingyan Runkang Medical Equipment Industrial Park Project is based on the Tianjin base of Tsinghua University as the core technical support team. It is rooted in the foundation of strong medical equipment in Shanxian County and the perfect industrial chain of the absorbable suture base of the national Torch Program. It integrates and promotes the existing industries, and extends the upstream and downstream industries to the country. The strategic new industry medical equipment plate is tracked and developed to support the local small and medium medical equipment enterprises to share the R & D platform, support the college students and health practitioners to innovate, and contribute to the overall industry promotion in Shanxian County under the background of the old and new kinetic energy conversion.It has formed a group of medical device industries and industrial clusters that influence North China, which is well-known throughout the world and enjoys a certain reputation in the world.

    The total investment of the project is 1 billion 180 million yuan.

    The total construction area of the project is 42600 square meters, building production workshop, office research building and so on.500 sets of medical sewing needles are purchased, 500 sets of medical suture production equipment, 450 sets of needle line connection production equipment, 600 sets of beauty needle and thread equipment, 600 sets of surgical forceps, 600 surgical forceps, 800 sets of quality inspection instruments and so on.The main products are polymer synthetic material suture line, advanced suture needle, skin tension reduction closure device, skin stapler, stapler series products,polymer bandage,polymer splint, department of orthopedics plate, artificial joint and absorbable bone nails and other materials.The third generation of absorbable cardiac stents and medical devices such as artificial organs, life health monitoring and wearable devices.

    After the project was completed, the annual operating income was 1 billion 700 million yuan, and the profits and taxes were 340 million yuan. The project has a good economic benefit and is in line with the national industrial policy. From the sensitivity analysis, this project has a certain anti risk ability and is a feasible project.The success of this project will solve the medical problems caused by irregular products, and stimulate more than 10 trillion of the formal medical beauty market. Fill the gap in the country and reach the world's leading level.

    Shanxian runkang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. thanks the government's support and thanks the Tianjin base of Tsinghua University for its trust in our company. It will not fail to make persistent efforts to promote medical consumables such as suture, needles, bandage, splints and other medical consumables to all parts of the world, and to expand the development space of medical equipment products and develop moisten. Brand recognition makes Runkang become the world's leading medical device manufacturer, making Shanxian County a well-known manufacturing base for the medical device industry.

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